5 Items That Exude A Pisces Vibe

August 26, 2018

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As the full moon enters Pisces this evening I’m inspired to share a little glimpse into my home & lifestyle. I myself am a Piscean gal, and I’ve noticed I’m attracted to certain things that just scream my sun sign. At the end of the post I put together a little shopping graphic and some […]

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Three Years

August 12, 2018

This post was meant for last year around this time. You’ll find out why it was so delayed towards the end 😉 To get caught up, you can head back a couple posts to Year One and Year Two of our family’s Year in Review following my husband’s GBM diagnosis. Do you know what’s amazing? […]

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In Reflection

August 9, 2018

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My first post in two years. I’m currently in the midst of finishing up my website & shop design and have just transfered my old blogger blog over to this new site. As I scanned through, recategorizing all of them, I saw some common threads, and also realized how different of a person I am […]

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Two Years

June 1, 2016

Two years. Not really much when you think of it in the span of a lifetime, yet oh so much when you’re told you have months to live. Two wonderful, difficult, happy, tear filled years. When I was pregnant with Olivia I would pray everyday that my husband would live long enough to meet his […]

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One Year

May 31, 2015

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It’s been one year today. One year since I drove my husband to the emergency room after he was found on the floor of his tattoo shop, speaking mostly gibberish and thinking it was 2010 instead of 2014. One year since we were given the terrible results of a cat scan he received upon admission. […]

I Was Mean

November 26, 2014

And I feel really bad about about it now. In the past few weeks I’ve been filling my husband in on how life was going pre brain tumor discovery. He doesn’t really remember it. I’m kind of glad though, because I was mean to him. And it makes me feel terrible, because he was out […]

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The Comeback

September 23, 2014

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I’ve been a little hesitant to start writing on my blog again. I loved it so much for so long. And then life took over and this was just one of those things that got discarded. But, given the circumstances of this past year, I realize life will always be a crazy chaotic mess. And […]

Farewell Grandmother

December 31, 2013

My dear, beloved grandmother Miriam has left this earth today. My heart is sad that I shall never again be held in her arms or greet her smiling face. She was so special to me, and I wish I had told her more. As I moved through the eery fog of today, I tried to […]

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Major Things Considered

February 9, 2013

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So this semester marks my last class, Portfolio, in which I need to create my brand and personal portfolio of 8-12 of my best works. Easy. I thought. I was planning on keeping with my typography self portrait as my “brand”. You can see my business card with it here. But now I am up […]


November 10, 2012

How about an update? Generally, it’s safe to assume that my posts become minimal because I am oh so busy with school. And while that is most certainly the case at this moment, there are also various other life circumstances at play here as well. I’m not one for divulging the nitty gritty dramatic events […]

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