5 Items That Exude A Pisces Vibe

As the full moon enters Pisces this evening I’m inspired to share a little glimpse into my home & lifestyle. I myself am a Piscean gal, and I’ve noticed I’m attracted to certain things that just scream my sun sign. At the end of the post I put together a little shopping graphic and some links to find the same items or items of similar style if you feel your inner mermaid calling too.

No.1   Potion Collection

Okay, it’s really scents and other products I love to use often. In particular, the ones that scream pisces, are: Silver Eyeliner (channeling my inner mermaid), Decadent Floral Scents (I love deep & mysterious scents like Midnight Fleur), & Hair Oil (I don’t want those beachy waves too chaotic).

reno illustrator pisces vibe full moon

No.2    Artwork

My home is filled with artwork and photography. In my daughter Olivia’s room hangs my original Pisces watercolor illustration. Miss Olive is a Pisces girl too. I’ve yet to meet a Pisces who isn’t creative in some way. I personally love the fluidity of watercolor and gouache painting, but I also channel my creativity into cooking and baking, gardening, and decorating my home.

reno illustrator pisces vibe full moon

No.3    Fishy Baubles

I love these fish earrings from World Market years ago. Not only are fish the sign of the Pisces, but these kissing fish make a subtle heart shape too. Some other fishy things I have are these stemless wine glasses, don’t they look like sparkling scales?

reno illustrator pisces vibe full moon

No.4    Seashells & Stones

I have rock and sea shell collections galore in various areas of my home. Pictured here is an amethyst, the astrological birthstone for Pisces, and a stone I have been drawn to my whole life. The seashell trinket was another World Market find years ago, and the box was from Home Goods. The jar contains tiny found shells picked out of the hot sand on a bright summer day.

reno illustrator pisces vibe full moon

No.5 .   Hydration Pisces Style

Pisces love the water. And of course we need it too, physically and spiritually. A while ago I picked up this copper water container because I read that drinking from copper has many natural healing properties. This bottle has been such a fantastic traveling companion, and its bumps and bruises just add to its beauty.

reno illustrator pisces vibe full moon

Since I collected many of these over years, I did my best to put together links and this shopping image for something similar. I hope you enjoy these little bits of Pisces vibe and channel your inner mermaid this full moon.

reno illustrator pisces full moon


No.1 / No.2 / No.3 / No.4 / No.5


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