Moodboard Monday

Moodboards have become an essential part of my design process. Not only do they speak to every facet of my organizational being, they are quite useful when trying to hone in to a client’s style visually.

I have even begun using them for my illustration projects, helping me keep on track with a particular style and color palette throughout my creative process.

I still do a ton of research and save a ton of references, but I find that a moodboard helps reign in your creativity into a solid direction, which is just so much more productive and less overwhelming.

Today I am sharing a rejected client moodboard from a past project. Looking at it with fresh eyes, I think I love this one because it vibes with my own brand so well. The french door, the florals, the hand rendered icons and illustrations paired with the broody yet light color palette of olives, orchids and pinks.



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