Homemade Mango Coconut Yogurt

If you know me personally, then you know I’m pretty big about making things from scratch.

What started as an interest in eating healthy and organic when I was pregnant with Celeste evolved into full blown obsession with my husband’s cancer diagnosis.

Now, we’re certainly not perfect, and we can’t afford to eat organic all the time, so for us, it’s all about the moderation. We still eat take out on busy days just like everyone else!

In all my research into health and diet following my husbands GBM diagnosis, and my resulting scrutiny of all ingredients in our foods, I’ve been led me down a path of trying to make as much food at home from scratch as possible. Because when you make it yourself, you know exactly what’s going into it.

Recently, my friend Lisa turned me onto a site she loves for veggie based recipes called Minimalist Baker. I love all the meatless options here, especially since I’ve been trying to reduce our meat consumption, not only for health reasons, but also costs! Plus, it’s refreshing to have a couple meatless meals a week.

When I ran across this yogurt recipe I had never really given homemade yogurt a thought. I honestly don’t buy yogurt too often because I think it’s crazy high in sugar. But if I make it at home, I can control that aspect, so I gave it a try.

I often end up de-veganizing the recipes from Minimalist Baker, because I’m not Vegan and often don’t have the Vegan ingredients on hand. But I love coconut, so I did use coconut milk in this yogurt. I also couldn’t stomach the price of the probiotic reference in the original recipe, so I purchased a Cultures for Health yogurt starter on Amazon. You can find the one I used here. If you’re interested in the probiotic used in the original recipe, it’s also on Amazon here. I did see it at my local Sprouts Market too, but the price was the same, which is why I found the Cultures for Health option.

Checkout Minimalist Baker’s original recipe here.


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I was at Sprouts, so I wasn’t able to get her best recommendation on coconut milk, so the consistency of my yogurt is not as thick as her images, but still the consistency of normal yogurt.

The taste is amazing. I added one pureed mango, two tablespoons orange juice and a teaspoon vanilla. That’s it, no sugars added. Considering some store bought yogurts have as much as 26g per serving, I am really digging this modest 1.7g.

I’m looking forward to experimenting with more homemade yogurts once this one is done.It has been so easy, I just had to share.



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